Cold Starters
Salmon tartare 11.50€

Salmon tartare on avocado bed

Tomato stuffed 10.00€

Tomato stuffed with Crab cocktail on cucumber coulis

Hot Starters
Burgundy snails 9.00€
Braised scallops 11.00€

Braised scallops on braised cucumber skin

Potato pancake with smoked salmon 9.00€
French onion soup 9.00€
Hot camembert 8.50€

Hot camembert in puff pastry on mixed salad

Nicoise salad 10.00€

Nicoise salad, mixed greens, tuna, anchovies, tomatoes, peppers, eggs, onions, olives, basil, olive oil

Salad with warm goat cheese 11.00€

Salad with warm goat cheese, Green salad, tomatoes, goat cheese on croutons, bacon, red pepper, garlic, olive oil, basil

Caprese Salad Fan-shaped 9.00€

Caprese Salad Fan-shaped, Tomato, Mozzarella, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, basil

Little hunger
Quiche Lorraine 11.50€

Quiche Lorraine, savory pie with salad

Special Chez Nous 12.00€

Special Chez Nous, Avocado on toasted farmhouse bread with bacon and poached egg

Main courses
Beef tartar cut by knife 17.00€

Beef tartar cut by knife, classic preparation, parisian way, with green salad and fries

Burgundy beef 16.50€

Burgundy beef, with Tagliatelle

Orange pigeons 24.00€

Orange pigeons, with grilled vegetables and stuffed potatoes

Duck leg confit 18.00€

Duck leg confit, with grilled vegetables and stuffed potatoes

Rack of lamb 20.00€

Rack of lamb, with grilled vegetables and stuffed potatoes

Monkfish pan-fried 19.50€

Monkfish pan-fried, on spinach cream sauce and mashed potatoes

Salmon puff pastry 20.50€

Salmon puff pastry, on champagne sauce and mashed potatoes

Norman-style veal cutlet 19.50€

Norman-style veal cutlet Champion cream sauce and fries

Chef's Tagliatelle 18.50€

Chef's Tagliatelle, Diced salmon, monkfish cubes and shrimps in champagne sauc

The vegetarian 17.50€

The vegetarian, Oyster mushroom breaded with potato salad

Fruit salad 8.00€
Creme brulee 7.00€
Pancake with vanilla ice cream 7.00€
Small cheese platter 10.50€