Chez nous Ca Nostra

Where to taste the best French food in Palma de Mallorca?

In the heart of the city of Palma de Mallorca is our French restaurant Chez Nous Ca Nostra. Where we offer the most diverse preparations of traditional French food including starters, snacks, salads, main dishes and desserts.

In addition, it is possible, if you wish, to enjoy the different drinks that we offer: soft drinks, beers, whiskies, snacks, spirits, gin, rum, vodka, brandy, red wine, rosé wine, white wine, champagne and coffee.

Nos puede encontrar fácilmente en la calle Pere d’Alcàntara Penya, 7, 07006 Palma, Illes Balears. Realizar las reservas a través de este sitio web o llamándonos al +34 640 328 676, le atenderemos enseguida. Estamos abiertos en los horarios de 13:00 a 16:00 y de 19:30 a 23:00, siempre de Lunes a Sábado.

We provide quality service, with an authentic French atmosphere, friendly staff and exquisite food.

Traditional French Food

From the Middle Ages to the present day, French cuisine has represented a symbol of the identity and tradition of France. With the passage of different historical events that occurred in that country, culinary art has been forced to constant reinvention, giving it a great diversity of flavors.

The city of Paris continuously represented the genesis of the continuous culinary avant-gardes, because in this city inhabited the main chefs in charge of the attention of the royal cuisines. Expanding, then over time, these trends and influencing the different European cuisines of the time. The Gastronomy of France is valued as one of the most relevant in the culinary world.

Chez Nous Ca Nostra - Entrada Principal

Elegant and comfortable interior design

Inside our restaurant we have a nice main area to eat a la carte, the bar where you can request the various drinks we offer and an event room.

Groups of 9 to 30 people are welcome in our independent air-conditioned event room.

Enjoy traditional French food, book your table or event room for a special celebration.

High Class Professional Service

We have a team of professionals in culinary art, specialized in French gastronomy. Characterized by a friendly and friendly treatment towards customers, creative and passionate with the work they do.

Excellent and varied menu

The Chez Nous Ca Nostra Menu is composed of dissimilar dishes typical of French cuisine that are divided into Hot and Cold Starters, Snacks, Salads, Main Dishes and Desserts. Among the most popular recipes we find:

  • Tomato stuffed with crab cocktail over cucumber coulis.
  • Potato galette with smoked salmon.
  • Special Chez Nous, avocado on farm toast with bacon and poached egg.
  • Nicoise salad, mixed greens, tuna, anchovies, tomatoes, peppers, eggs, onions, olives, basil, olive oil.
  • Bourguignon beef, with tagliatelle.
  • Salmon in puff pastry, in champagne sauce and mashed potatoes.

Among other exquisite preparations.

More than 20 different meals

We invite you to know all the details of the Menu!