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French restaurant in Mallorca

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Elegant interior design

In the Chez Nous restaurant you will find an elegant and welcome place with a unique French style.

High Class Professional Service

We are a team of professionals specialized in traditional French gastronomy.

Delicious and varied menu

You can taste many typical French cuisine.

Online Reservation

Discover Chez Nous's delicious menu, distributed in Hot and Cold Starters, Snacks, Salads, Main Dishes and Drinks. Make your service easy by accessing the link, we will give you an answer right away. Enjoy our traditional French food.

Main menu

Salmon tartare11.50€

Salmon tartare on avocado bed

Tomato stuffed10.00€

Tomato stuffed crab cocktail on cucumber coulis

Burgundy snails9.00€

Burgundy snails

Braised scallops11.00€

Braised scallops roasted in roasted cucumber rind


Potato pancake with smoked salmon

French onion soup9.00€

French onion soup

Ensalada niçoise10.00€

Nicoise salad, mixed greens, tuna, anchovies, tomatoes, peppers, eggs, onions, olives, basil, olive oil.

Salad with warm goat cheese11.00€

Salad with warm goat cheese, Green salad, tomatoes, goat cheese on croutons, bacon, red pepper, garlic, olive oil, basil

Fan-Shaped Caprese Salad9.00€

Caprese fan-shaped salad, tomato, mozzarella, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, basil

Quiche Lorraine11.50€

Quiche Lorraine, savory pie with salad

Special Chez Nous12.00€

Special Chez Nous, Avocado on toasted farmhouse bread with bacon and poached egg

Monkfish pan-fried19.50€

Monkfish pan-fried, on spinach cream sauce and mashed potatoes

Salmon puff pastry20.50€

Salmon puff pastry, on champagne sauce and mashed potatoes

Chef's Tagliatelle18.50€

Chef's Tagliatelle, Diced salmon, monkfish cubes and shrimps in champagne sauc

Burgundy beef16.50€

Burgundy beef, with Tagliatelle

Duck leg confit18.00€

Duck leg confit, with grilled vegetables and stuffed potatoes

Rack of lamb20.00€

Rack of lamb, with grilled vegetables and stuffed potatoes

Fruit salad8.00€

Fruit salad

Creme brulee7.00€

Creme brulee

Pancake with vanilla ice cream7.00€

Pincho Entrecote 200 g. with roasted vegetables: potatoes, paprika, onions.

Original Coca Cola zero2.50€

Original Coca Cola zero

French beer 16643.50€

French beer 1664



Pastis Ricard3.60€

Pastis Ricard



Blanc de Prensal, Binissalem, Sebastiá Pastor17.80€

Blanc de Prensal, Binissalem, Sebastiá Pastor

Menu Options


Salmon Tartar

Menu Formulas


  1. Incoming + Main course (22.00 €)
  2. Main course + Dessert (22.00 €)
  3. Starter + Main Course + Dessert (30.00 €)

Contact us for more details on the lunch menu or daily special offers.




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At Chez Nous Mallorca we offer the service of booking takeaways.

It is possible to reserve any of the dishes presented in the menu you want to taste.

The orders of the food orders will be made through the telephone at +34 640 328 676. We'll get back to you right away!

NOTE: We do not provide the option to take home, the food will be collected by each customer in the restaurant.




Menu of the day € 14.50 (13:00-15:30)


Plate of cold cuts OR French onion soup.

Main courses:

Savoy burger, beef with fried potato biscuit, cheese and salad


Grilled salmon, with stuffed potatoes and salad.

In addition to the standard daily menu

 StartersMain dishes
Monday:Legume creamRoast beef, with sauteed potatoes and salad
Tuesday:Mixed salad, with anchovy and eggTurkey with sauce, red cabbage and mashed potatoes
Wednesday:Camembert hot, on brick leafBreaded escalope, with potato salad
Thursday:Cream clamsClub Sandwich, with mixed salad
Friday:Stuffed eggsFish stew
Saturday:Salad with hot goat cheesePork tenderloin skewers, with potatoes.

It includes:

Dessert of the day or Small cheese plate.

Also, with a few exceptions, you can choose from our normal menu And since everything is fresh, allow 30 minutes of preparation in your reserve.